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Practice Areas

Landlord Tenant Law

There  are few areas  as technical under Maine Law as Landlord Tenant law. If  all the paperwork is not done correctly,  or if all procedures are not  followed, the Court will dismiss the case. However if everything is done  correctly, there are few defenses that can be made by the Tenant.  Therefore, who handles your eviction is important. Attorney  Mastrogiacomo has over 17 years experience handling evictions and  representing landlords in Androscoggin, Oxford and Sagadahoc counties  and throughout Maine. He regularly lectures on the subject, and his  services include advice on leases, defense of fair housing complaints  and anything else related to landlord-tenant law.

Family Law/Divorce

If  you are in need of a family attorney, you need someone who  is experienced and compassionate. The Mastrogiacomo Law Office can  provide experienced representation to individuals and families in every  area of family law, including divorce, parental rights/custody, child  support and Protection Orders.

Criminal Defense

There  are few things as terrifying and overwhelming as being charged with a  crime. If this occurs, you need an experienced attorney who can advise  you of your rights and defend you. Attorney Mastrogiacomo is a former  District Attorney Intern for Cumberland County and has represented  adults and juveniles before the District, Superior and Supreme Courts of  Maine for charges ranging from shoplifting to Class A Arson.  Do not  take chances with your freedom.  


Adoption  can be one of the most joyous and rewarding occasions for any family.   However, the voluminous paperwork and long Court process can also be  intimidating and confusing. Attorney Mastrogiacomo ​is himself an  adoptive father and has handled several contested and uncontested  adoptions so he has the practical and real life experience and knowledge  you need to navigate the Probate Court to help you achieve the goal of  welcoming a new member to your family. 

Personal Injury

If  you have been injured in an automobile or other accident, you owe it to  yourself to hire an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. The  Mastrogiacomo Law Office will protect your rights and negotiate directly  with the Insurance Companies so you don’t have to. If a favorable  result cannot be obtained, it will fight in the Courts to get you the  results you deserve.